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Life Skills Workbook
Life Skills Teachers Guide & Lesson Plans

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Life Skills Teachers Guide & Lesson Plans

Code Name Price    
1005The Teacher's Guide Complete Volume - Hardcopy Format $39.95
1006Teacher's Guide Complete Volume - Digital Format $24.95
1007Life Skills Lesson Plan - Character - Digital Format $4.95
1008Life Skills Lesson Plan - Attitude - Digital Format $4.95
1009Life Skills Lesson Plan - Getting Along - Digital Format $4.95
1010Life Skills Lesson Plan - Spirituality - Digital Format $4.95
1011Life Skills Lesson Plan - Appearance - Digital Format $4.95
1012Life Skills Lesson Plan - Communication - Digital Format $4.95
1013Life Skills Lesson Plan - Planning - Digital Format $4.95
1014Life Skills Lesson Plan - Money Module Digital Format $4.95
1015Life Skills Lesson Plan - Giving Back - Digital Format $4.95
1016Life Skills Lesson Plan - The Best You Can Be - Digital Format $4.95
1017Teacher's Guide - Resources Kit - Digital Format $9.95
The Teachers Guide Complete Volume is a series of ten life skills lesson plans available as a single bound volume available in hard copy and digital format Click here to view Table of Contents (opens new page).  The complete volume contains about 168 pages. 

Or you can purchase selected modules and mix your own course content. Each module is comprised of Chapter Outline, Lesson Plan (1-3 sessions) and a selection of Coach Mike Jarvis' Stories.  Individual modules contain about 14 pages.

The Resource Kit is included in the Teachers Guide Complete Volume in both hardcopy and digital versions.  It includes Personal Inventory, Listening Evaluation, “The Unwritten Rules”, Anecdotes/Stories, Ten Fundamentals, Coach/Player Contract, Web Resources (By Chapter), Visual Aids, Student Concept Cards.  
It can also be purchased individually in digital version only