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Character Education Curriculum

      Based on the book by Jonathan Peck and Coach Mike Jarvis,
the Skills for Life Curriculum
  • prepares people of all ages to be responsible adults
  • enhances their prospects for success
  • promotes moral standards of respect, responsibility, honesty and fairness
  • encourages virtues that are good for the individual and good for their society

The Skills for Life Curriculum is a complete educational program that can be used in after-school programs, youth development and leadership training, welfare-to-work and juvenile justice guidance, career counseling and job training.

Curriculum Components

Book: Skills for Life: The Fundamentals You Need to Succeed - a coaching manual offering basic instruction on how to make one's way in the "real world," a learning plan customized to the reader's needs.

Workbook: The Playbook is a comprehensive collection of student exercises and tips based on chapters of Skills for Life. May be used in modular form or as a complete curriculum component.

Teacher's Guide: comprised of life skills lesson plans, units of study, and resource material. It is a step-by-step plan for using Skills for Life and the Playbook as character education tools in a variety of settings.

Distance Learning: Skills for Life 101 is an online learning tool presenting the life skills material in a ready-to-use form suitable for supervised classroom instruction or self-paced learning. Email us for more information